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​【4-hour Butterfly Class】

Whether you’re an Entrepreneur, Investor, Business Manager or Non-financial Manager, Bookkeeper or Accounting Student, Colour Accounting will sharpen your business acumen, help you to grasp the “big picture” of business, and change your perceptions of accounting forever.

Traditionally, it’s been a huge headache for many to understand the accounting languages. While, of course, you always can take up accounting & business courses but before you will even be ready to make use of what you learn through those courses many might already be ahead of you as in this new era, we are basically having a competition with time.

Not understanding your own company's Financial Statement?

Don't know how to interpret your Cash Flow?

Not confident in your financial decisions?

No time, and feel difficult in Accounting?

Invest 4 hours on yourself

Customer Support Agent

Next Class
16th March 2022
1.30pm - 5.30pm

Teenage Students Raising Hands

What will you learn?

  • Developing a deep understanding of the Balance Sheet

  • Deriving the Income Statement and understanding how it connects with the Balance Sheet

  • Clearly and unforgettably defining Assets, Liabilities, Equity, Revenue & Expenses

  • Integrating these five elements into a holistic view called the BaSIS Framework™

  • Understanding the Value Cycle of business

  • Practicing financial communication: grasping not only terminology, but also the ambiguity of terms, and communication pitfalls

Trainer Profile

Annie Wong, CFP
B. Sc. (Summa cum laude)
HRDF Certified Trainer
Accredited Color Accounting Trainer

10 years experience in the field of training and SME business consulting

Internationally recognized Certified Financial Planner (CFP          Professional) cum Certified Professional Trainer (CPT)

Currently a CMSRL Financial Planner (Licensed by Security Commission Malaysia)

Started own company giving people advices on finance since 2018.

Annieway 96 Consultancy has been helping more than 400 clients to do better financial decisions. 

Well verse background: Graduated as Highly Distinction Bachelor Science Degree from Campbell University. A master of Numerology and completed full book keeping course back in 2018.

Strength: Able to simplify complicated matters and explain to people, with easy-to-understand language & examples. Even a 10 year-old child can understand.

Weakness: Too honest, mission comes before commission. Always wanted to enhance Malaysians' Financial Intelligence, may cause self-exhaustion. 


4-hour Butterfly Class
Online Live Training via zoom

16th march 2022
1.30pm - 5.30pm
​RM 196/pax

Organized by


For inquiries, please contact:

Sarah : / +60 19-3995442

Mimi : / +60 12-599 1740



Yap Eng Chean Wilson

Administration in Singapore Government-linked company

The training is very engaging. It’s not boring as I thought. I like that we really go through the financial number and learn how to apply them to the full accounting book.


Throughout the training, we had lively chat among the students and teacher.


After the class, no need to memorize whether to debit or credit a transaction.


Water Loo Shu Pey

Managing Director of WaterLoo design Sdn.Bhd.

I am an engineer. I was looking for such course the accounting for non-accountant for many years.


I am facing many accountants who don't know how to explain structurally and logically the balance sheet and income statement to me.


After attending Annie’s program and the clear explanation from Annie Wong, I have a very clear picture of Accounting. I am now very confident to discuss with my accountant in Accounting language.


The workbook will be my basic accounting reference book.


Teoh Shwu Teng

Owner of Latin Enterprise

Besides learning from the basic to the final topic of how we look at business performance regardless of how small and how big is your business, color accounting by Annie has provided me step by step guide to achieve my learning objective, that is to read a financial statement and understand the story behind every figure shown on the paper.


Very interactive session during the 3 days class, and Annie often provides Q&A sessions to ensure all of us follow through the class. She is generous in sharing her knowledge and leads us to do accounting in a legal and most effective way.


I Will recommend anyone that keen to self-improve, or anyone that always curious about how the whole accounting structure is prepared by your account agent but you have any doubts, please contact Annie to answer your doubts and questions.

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