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Givers Gain Spirit, are you serious? 施比受更有福,真的吗?

"I'm more than happy to help people who is in NEED"

"We are a group of people want to make others success, this is how we measure our success"

"I want to help you, you need me more than I need you"





There are 3.26 Millions Malaysian, after I myself venture into financial line, I listened the above statement almost every week, when my "potential supplier" came to approach me on their solution package. After meeting so many people since I started my business, I came to a conclusion, the world is fair, when you need help, you may ask, and you will get it. Some people they help and do not ask for any return, some, they asking us to do them a favor in return. Do you realized?

这个美丽的马来西亚有着 3.26 百万人民,自从我投身财务业, 许多团体/个人自我推荐,向我“伸出援手”。说真的,我感受到世情冷暖,有人毫不犹豫地扶了我一把,有人则向我开出帮忙的条件,您有过同样的经历吗?

"EQUIVALENT EXCHANGE" = when people is giving you something, they are expecting something back in return which almost the same value of what they given to you. This group of people they help only when you have something that they need. Another beautiful word is "LEVERAGE", these people they have intention to help you because of certain reason behind. So, it's up to us to decide, whether we want to let them involve, as in exchange, you may want to help them in another way. There are still people who really help and does not ask for any return, but during this SOCIAL CAPITAL mindset community, people like that is lesser nowadays.

“等价交换” = 指双方都觉得付出跟回报是同价的情况下,方能交易。 这是当今资本社会的基本生活原则, 当然这并不代表那些真诚真意帮人又不求回报的群体不存在了,只是相比之下少之又少!另一种说法是“互相利用”,您帮我时,您也需要在我身上得到些什么。所以,能够理解当中的原理,自然而然在做生意时,就能够迎刃而解,满足大家的需求。

I help you, you help me ^^ <sourced from>

Now the question is: DO WE WANT TO LET PEOPLE HELP/USE US?

1) Genuineness

- Are they genuinely want to help, or just simply NEED your help in return?

- One day I asked this in-genuine guy:" I need your help first, otherwise I'm stuck" and guess what? He replied:" No! It's not fair, I can't help you in this way, you have to do XXXX first..."

- This has tested his genuineness. Easy! Just say good bye to him and no next time.

2) Professionalism

- Are they good at what they are doing? Or they themselves are in trouble?

- I asked my course mate on the calculus question, he helped, with his "wrong knowledge" and I failed the mid term paper.

- Please, ask from someone who really understand and good at their field.

3) Help according to your needs

- Can they fulfill our needs? Or they are too kind, want to help, but fail?

- I need to chase sales for my business, and one friend of mine so care about helping me and let me listen to his financial problem for 5 hours, let me analysed, and ends up did not engage me as his consultant, he was saying trial test with my skill.

- Thanks to this friend anyway, I'd trained for my patience in this case.



- 他们是诚心诚意要帮忙,还是只为了达成他们的目的?

- 我问一位热心却虚伪的年轻人 :“我真的需要你的帮忙先,不然我很惨”。他毫不犹豫地回答:“当然不能,这不公平,你必须要帮我 XXXX 先”

- 很明显,目的优先, 帮我?谢了。


- 他们真的在行吗?还是自身难保?

- 我问一位同学关于微积分数学题,他很乐意用他半桶水的知识教我,结果我测验结果失格。

- 好心,要问就问在行的, 不然吃亏是自己。


- 他们真的能给予我们所需求的帮忙吗?还是他们为了帮忙而盲目施予?

- 我需要营业额,一位好心朋友跟我叙说了他的财政状况,共计5个钟,然后说是让我学习分析技巧,并未曾想要聘用我为他的理财师。

- 还是要感恩这位朋友,不止分析技巧,忍耐技巧我也学懂了。

Now, I found a video clip of EQUIVALENT EXCHANGE, from TVB. Sorry for those who can't understand Cantonese. I love the illustration from this video clip:

<Sourced from youtube:>

In conclusion, think twice before you let others help you. Whether they are genuine? Good at their field, and providing exactly what you need?


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