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Most of us know the formula of "TO BE RICH", yet only 5% people CHOOSE to execute the formula

"I want to be rich"

"I want to be richer, so I can afford a better house"

"I want to travel around the world like nobody cares!"

TRUE. To be rich, is everyone's dream. Let's think about this, what does it takes to become richer? Probably you are thinking of:

1) Working harder

- Spending longer hour, to trade money with your time (least effective way)

2) Save more, spend less

- Control yourself from being a shopaholic (how much did you spend on 11.11?)

3) Invest more

- To be discipline and willingly to take risk

The ways to get richer, it goes on, and yes, it's all right! We all know the ways to get richer, but most of us are not implementing it in our lives, are't we? Do you ask yourselves WHY is it so?

Nowadays, in order to make a million dollars is much more easier compared to 20 years ago, due to the advance technology now, you can easily earn money with your finger tips. The formula to get rich is well-established by all the world top 3% wealthy people like: Robert Kiyosaki, Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, Gary Vaynerchuk, Bill Gates, Bob Proctor and etc. I would recommend those who still don't know the formula, to pick any of their books, and read on it, or watch their videos.

So What To Do after knowing the formula? Easy as 123, take action! Implement in a correct way. Why think so hard? It's not complicated, just need to make attempts and do it like those success people, until it produces results. YES! Success formula can be copy and paste!

The Problem Here is: There are so many distraction surrounding us nowadays. Let's imagine now we are promoted from B40 to M40, means from income RM 3000, through hard work and promotion, now we earning averagely RM 6275 per month (figures and categories as according to Department of Statistics Malaysia). Many of us would think of buying houses for investment, change from local car to a branded import car, how many of us will implement the basic theory of getting rich: "IT DOESN'T MATTER HOW MUCH YOU MAKE, IT MATTERS HOW MUCH YOU SAVE"

This is well explained in Robert Kiyosaki's book series: RICH DAD POOR DAD. Here is the summary video that explained his concept in a simple way:

<sourced from YOUTUBE:>

IN SHORT, even we are making double compared to last year, the recommended way is to stay focus! In financial planning, every decision making is crucial! Once you committed on an investment property that needs to take away your installment of RM 2500/ month, it's a liability for you if the property can't generate positive cash flow every month! Are you sure you will get richer in this way?

A BRILLIANT way to get richer is to stay low, use your extra money to invest in assets, then when the assets grow in value, you can take out the dividend/ passive income (money generated from your asset) to buy whatever you want, later. A powerful phrase to refer this action is delayed gratification. This is well-explained by using Marshmallow Test. I attached below the video, in case you want to know more about it:

<Sourced from YOUTUBE:>

THINK TWICE before making any financial decisions that NOT making you richer!

Annieway 96 Consultancy is here to assist Malaysian discover our financial status, take charge on our own Financial decisions, avoid making any financial regrets!

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- No fees will be charged on first meet up

Thank you for reading!

Wish you all the best in achieving your financial dreams😁

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