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Who I am


I was born in 1989, Penang Island, Malaysia. An ordinary girl from a poor family, and my father left us when I was 16. I experienced my very first economic struggle, when I had no monetary support from parents for my high school. I realized the importance of money. Fortunately, with some support from my sibling, and with a scholarship provided by TARC, I was able to continue my studies, did well and graduated with a my Bachelor's Degree in Science from Campbell University with Summa cum laude (Highly Distinction) in 2011. 

Gladly, I accepted a job as medical sales representative for a local pharmaceutical company, and quickly, I had the top sales in the company within 6 months' time, being promoted 4 times within 3 years. I worked in this pharmaceutical industry for 7 years 4 months. During this career, I took up sales training courses by Michael Oliver and Careen See, studied part-time on CFP certification (Certified Financial Planning), attended motivation courses by KC See, became Master on Numerology by Dr Oliver Tan, attended Adam Khoo's course on stock investment, attended properties investment courses by Ahyat and Heng, also passed my Finance for Non-finance in 2018. 

Why am I doing this


When I first joined investment classes, I was very excited and I invested upon hearsay without any prior knowledge and due diligence. And, I lost a lot of money (almost 6 months' income) in all sorts of investments. This was my second financial crisis, and it hit me deeply! Lesson learnt! 

Therefore, I pursue my studies in CFP certification, and I learnt the proper method of financial planning. After attended all kinds of paid-investment courses, I understand all the technical strategies, but CFP certification equipped me with the knowledge of HOW MUCH should I invest, HOW LONG should I invest, and WHICH TOOLS to use for:

1) Wealth creation

2) Wealth expansion

3) Wealth protection

4) Wealth distribution

When I shared my ideas on how to invest, my friends and family members just love to listen and I found my passion in sharing my method of investments. With the encouragement from my family members, I have decided to quit my highly paid sales job, and fully commit myself in financial consultancy - ANNIEWAY 96 CONSULTANCY

I cannot guarantee any of you will become a millionaire or billionaire by using ANNIEWAY, but I'm sure you can prevent the many mistakes that I have experienced!

What I can do for you


1) WORKERS: who work 5 days/week, yet with no savings

----- Share with you the golden rules of earning money effectively

2) SAVERS: who believe inflation rate devalues money in FD accounts

----- Share with you alternate investment tools to maximize your current value in FD

3) LANDLORDS: who own 1 house or more

---- Share with you how to manage your mortgage loan, refinance/ reduce tenure up to 50%

4) LADIES: who wish to be SIU LAI LAI (wealthy rich woman)

---- Share with you the way of protecting yourself financially

5) BOSSES: who own a business with partner 

---- Share with you how to protect your business shares, and business succession plan



Gallery of My Training Path

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Gallery of My Mentors


Natural Selling Programme

- Mr Michael Oliver

Professional Stock Traders

- Mr Adam Khoo 


- Mr Ahyat Ishak

Certified Financial Planner cum Deal Matcher

- Mr Edmumd Tai


Spiking Crypto+Stock+Option Trader

- Dr. Clemen Chiang


Certified Professional Trainer Master Trainer

- Mr KC See

Dr oliver.jpg

Power Of Numbers: Numerology Master

- Dr. Oliver Tan

Value Investing Properties Programme

(from left) Heng, Jimmy, Jerry, Kellies


Gallery of My Satisfied Clients

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