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Do you really know what you want in your life?

I want a lot of money! So.....?

I want to be financial freedom! So....?

I want a happy life, travel around the world! So?

For the pass few years, I kept looking for the answer of what I really want in my life. Why struggle to survive in this world, and facing a lot of challenges, frustration, for what actually? Money? Then what, travel around the world and follow the norm, to marry, to have children, grow old, retired, and die. It's a life cycle.

Either you see it this way, you probably have a special yet extreme point of view. Sometimes the evil sounds like this:"seems like life has no real meaning, might as well I skip all the life cycle and end the life now" Sounds pathetic, and this thought of mind actually affecting most of the people, and causing them taking their life, or suffer depression.

In another way, think positively, there is always a meaning to life, and everyone carries a life mission with them. Whether you believe it or not, all these differences, just the CHANGE OF MIND.

One can become very negative, kept complaining about life, about the people surrounding us, about the event happened that not favor one's life, talk with words full of sarcasm, and treat all people with hatred and suspect.

Or to be POSITIVE and live like a sunshine, smile and face all life obstacles without any doubts on themselves. Continue to inspire others in life, career and success together. Talk with words full of power and enthusiasm, and treat all people with LOVE and CARES.

It's all matter with our MINDSET. How you see world, how you see yourself, and how you see challenges. Look, things happened without a meaning, until you add the meaning on it.

A simple formula I extracted from Adam Khoo's philosophy, O = E + R. Means Outcome = Events + Response. When something happens, how are you going to response, determine the outcome of an event.

For example, making comparison with a friend who are successful in his/her career or business, making one JEALOUS, complaining on the unfairness, start to doubt himself and give up on his own life. OR making his friend as his role model, and challenge himself to be a better me, put in more effort and focus to make his own dream comes true, as his friend's success will never be any matter with him anyway.

See the simple theory? Yet, many are struggling with own negative mindset. Just a simple step, stop complaining, stop comparing, be yourself, set your own life goal and financial goal. FOCUS on what you want, do your own thing, LOVE yourself, why care so much of others comments?

Apologize if you feel my choice of words is a bit meant, I do think that everyone need a teacher, a coach, a mentor to wake you up, to remind you your aim and LIFE GOAL😇

What really matter in life is your happiness. Your satisfaction and there you go! Go ahead to contact me if you need a financial coach who able to help and guide you in building your financial planning.

<photo sourced from IG Fantastic Earth>

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