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No TIME, No MONEY. It's your excuse, reason, fact or you have NO CHOICE?

"Oh No, I have no time to learn!"

"Investment? Don't ever think about it, I have no money!"

"I'm so tired to meet friend during weekend!"

REALLY? Do you know we are easily fall into a loop, a loop where it continues without we realising it, and eventually washed out our dream and initial intention of earning money.

WHY? Think back, when we just freshly graduated, we have all kind of dreams:

- travel around the world

- buy things without concerning the price

- give good life to our parents

- etc.

SO, we apply for a job, with no experience and limited fund, most of us have NO CHOICE, but to take up a job and work from 9-5. In order to earn more, we aim for promotion, so work harder and longer hour, and the work load double or tripled when we being promoted! We have to spend MORE TIME to finish the task given. Unfortunately, before a task finish, new task given. This month overshoot target, next month start over to chase for sales again, worse still, boss increase our target. We have NO TIME!

OH GOSH, our energy was drained by weekday work load, weekend we just want to have own ME-TIME, tired, "please don't ask me out for any gathering". Eventually, our life, most of the time spend on WORK, SLEEP, EAT, REPEAT. Social circle shrinks, and have lesser friends. Then most of us will say: Well, we need quality friends, No need quantity (TRUE in certain ways, nothing wrong, whether you think right or wrong, you're always right - Henry )

YES! We may earn quite much from that high position big work load job, (hopefully yes, because most of Malaysian complaint high work load, low pay, sad) BUT, please review, have you achieved the dreams you looking forward or at least, are you working towards your dream?

IF NOT, then you are in the loop without realising it. No TIME, TIRED to hang out, and now, WHY NO MONEY? WHY?

IRONNICALLY, most of us spent 9-5, work, earn, and then SPEND. When we earned income of 5000, SPEND 4000; promoted, we then earn double, SPEND double too! So, we never have ENOUGH MONEY =.=

AGAIN, WHY? Because our education system taught us since young, work harder to earn higher. I don't really recall anyone telling us how to SAVE MORE and the proper ways of investing.

NOW, ask yourself, are you ready to know your financial status? What's exactly causing you NO TIME, NO MONEY?

Annieway 96 Consultancy is set up, to assist Malaysian discover our financial status, take charge on our own Financial decisions, avoid making any financial regrets!

Wow! IT'S FREE for first meet up NOW. Valued at RM 150/ session. No Harm to make an appointment with me at

Three promises on first appointment:

- 1 hour appointment, not more than that unless you required for

- I'm not going to sell you any product

- No fees will be charged on first meet up

Thank you for reading!

Wish you all the best in achieving your financial dreams😁

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