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To SAVE or to EARN more?

Imagine you are at your age 30, earning an income of RM 3000.

Would you rather to SAVE more, or to find ways to EARN more?

You want to SAVE, and restricted yourself NOT to travel, EAT bread and instant noodles, just to survive the life; or to fight and EARN more than what you can afford now?

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This morning when I scrolled through facebook, I read a message of my friend saying one young guy posted his experience, earning RM 1800 a month, use his own way, to save RM 1000 per month, but he lives without buying insurance, 1 stack of bread to survive for few days, and most of the time eat instant noodles as his dinner.

Well, I have no right to judge whether it's right or wrong. However the journalist did summarize the point of HOW TO make this possible: <sourced from >

1) Setting financial goal

2) Control your expenses

3) Invest your money, lets money earns money

It's very true, I definitely agree with the summarized points from the journalist. However, it is not realistic, when earning RM 1800, to set the goal of being financial freedom WITHOUT thinking how to increase their earning power!

Control Expenses: Earning RM 1800 and live a life controlling expenses, which means, indirectly you streaming down the unnecessarily entertainment fees, which includes networking with people and invest into ourselves' capability improvement like attending courses. In long run, this kind of saving habits, will kill one's social cycle. "Network is Net worth". Besides, there is a LIMIT to save when you earn RM 1800, but there is NO LIMIT to earn MORE than RM 1800!

Invest your money to grow bigger. Hello! If this guy invested his saved money of RM 1000 every MONTH into mutual fund which give average return of 8% I assume, it takes 25 years to reach RM 1,000,000. I haven't factor in his salary increment, and of course, his later stage of life like marriage, children education and mortgage. My point here is why not spending time to look for ways to increase his income? When he is capable of earning RM 5000 per month, and he still can remain his habit of investing 55% income into mutual fund, he can reach RM 1,000,000 in 15 years! By just increased his salary to RM 5000 and he can save his 10 years life to achieve Million! Yet he can enjoy life better, like hanging out with friends, buy a basic insurance and eat a better brand's breads, if he likes to eat bread.

Let's do an activity that I learned from Dean Graziosi: Let's pretend it's a year from now, you've had the BEST year of your life, what does that past year look like? Describe it in detail, what have you changed in financially? What have you done with your career? What house are you in? How much vacation time have you had?

This is a powerful technique that gave me a great impact! It makes people think hard about the answer, and drill your real internal desire!

If you can't provide an answer, you still don't know what you want, then you continue asking it everyday. If you can provide an answer, then you ask: "how am I going to achieve it?" Please kindly do not hesitate to drop me a message, as a Professional Financial Coach, allow me to show you how! You can contact me through

Thanks for reading, and I would like to thanks for that young man to inspire me on this blog production. Again, I have no intention to pin point his doing whether right or wrong, above statement is purely out of my own opinion. Wish him luck!

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