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You invest based on "AGENT" advice or "INVESTOR" advice?

Updated: Oct 17, 2018

Many of us not really look into our own financial report, just pass all "investment" and "financial planning" to those AGENTS out there, claiming themselves are professional financial planner, help to plan for better life, better future.

There are 2 types of people: First, they loves to invest, learn all kind of alternate ways to invest, and can be very good in certain investment, and normally do hands on. These people sometimes need advice, but they normally knows where to invest, and how to invest. Second, most of the ordinary people, don't know how to start the investment, and pass all their details to AGENTS, let their professional service to draft them the financial planning, and clients basically don't know what they invest, how long they invest, and what is the returns of investment like.

I'm not criticizing any party, I was lazy to understand all kind of "canggih" words used by the agents, like "time value of money", I must "plan for my retirement now", "inflation rate devalue our FD money", I must "diversify my investment plan". I know these since few years back, investment is important to expand my money, but how? Not sure how, so insurance agents came in, sold me endowment plan. Mutual fund agent came in, sold me LONG TERM investment. All these, after I reviewed, I see these products doesn't fit my needs, in fact, my commitment FEEDING AGENTS!

There are 2 types of AGENT: First, those really sincerely help to analyse with clients, and follow up promptly, sell base on client's needs. Second, and most of the AGENTS out there, they sell because to earn their COMMISSION! Simple to identify, if an agent approached you and inform you, you should place in long term investment with them, ask them back these questions: have you invested yourself? Are you an investor or an agent? If without the income of commission that you getting from current product, are you really profitable from your current investment?

<Photo sourced from>

Please don't get me wrong, I'm not saying all agents out there are irresponsible, but what I can confirm is there are black sheep in this financial industry, who misleading most of the public to buy something that they don't need, or oversell the clients, in order to let them hit their own target and get incentive to travel around the world, while we are the one feeding them with such long term commitment. Then their service gone after certain years, and worst still, some cases had published on newspaper, showing being cheated by AGENTS on what they had told about the future returns/promises.

Photo above with title: Saving insurance plan (endowment plan) bought 23 years ago that promised to have RM 130,000 return, was actually an empty promised...<photo sourced from>

p/s: This has nothing wrong to do with all the insurers (Insurance company), i'm talking about the irresponsible agents misleading messages. Again, disclaimer.

"Agents: After 20 years, you can get back RM 100,000! In fact, after 20 years, what you get is lesser than what you can imagine!" <photo sourced from>

Please, be a SMART and RESPONSIBLE Investor. You may get the advises from all parties, but you must at least know what you have invested, what's your objective of such investment, and by when you going to realize the profit. You have your right to get honest, truthful financial analysis. DO NOT SIMPLY INVEST JUST BECAUSE OF AGENTS' ADVISES.

You deserve an alternate way of financial planning - ANNIEWAY96

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