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​【Taxation Planning 2022】

Make your payment to secure your Special Bonus
A: RM 160 /pax
(Level 1+1 Book)

B: RM 800/pax 
(Level 1+2 +Unlimited access+ Full Notes & Templates+ Consultation with Tax Expert+ 2 Books)

C: RM 50/book

This is a technical conversational training session.
Seats are limited, please make payment to secure your seats.

There are 3 payment methods

1)Duit Now QR Code

Use TnGo e-wallet
Or any Duit Now Scanner to scan this QR code

Annieway QR.jpeg

Annieway 96 Consultancy
Public Bank
321 241 0409

2)Bank Transfer

Instant Transfer / Duit Now transfer
3)Credit Card
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More Info
012-664 5985

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