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To know your current financial status and get your financial goal set within 14 days

Do You Wish To...
  • Stay financially healthy
  • Clear off mortgage loan faster
  • Travel around the world
  • Retire earlier

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1) Estate Planning:

Will & Trust Writing

2) Protection Plan:

Life Insurance & General Insurance

3) Investment Plan:

Unit Trust


Crowd Funding

US Stock Market (Technical Analysis)

Non-Recourse Loan

4) Income Plan:

Making a second income

Build another money making machine

5) Saving Plan:

Taxation planning

Reduce Mortgage Interest up to 75%

Annie Wong -
Entrepreneur, Trainer & Author

Everyone wishes to be rich and have a comfortable life, so they work hard for money, and build their wealth in a hard way. Eventually, having spent most of their precious life's time to earn some money, goes on to buy a house, but it turns out to be a liability instead of an asset. Without a proper investment portfolio & estate planning, one can easily be misled by all sorts of dubious people or "AGENTS", and ending up not knowing the correct precious way, and on top of it all, having wasted time and resources. Remember, we only live life ONCE, please earn and invest your money using ANNIEWAY~

60 minutes
Consultation appointment

Learn all you need in order to create a stellar financial plan for your best future with your loves!


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To Shorten Mortgage Loan Tenure

 from 35 years to 6 years

Mr Lim

To Do Personal Financial Cash Flow Analysis that help him achieve his financial goal by next 3 years 


Full Insurance Policy Audit with proper Estate Distribution Planning for debt cancellation consultation


Mortgage Refinancing Consultation

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