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  • Clear off mortgage loan faster
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Everyone wishes to be rich and have a comfortable life, so they work hard for money, and build their wealth in a hard way. Eventually, having spent most of their precious life's time to earn some money, goes on to buy a house, but it turns out to be a liability instead of an asset. Without a proper investment portfolio & estate planning, one can easily be misled by all sorts of dubious people or "AGENTS", and ending up not knowing the correct precious way, and on top of it all, having wasted time and resources. Remember, we only live life ONCE, please earn and invest your money using ANNIEWAY~

60 minutes
Consultation appointment

Learn all you need in order to create a stellar financial plan for your best future with your loves!


Income Planning

Making 2nd Income
Build Money
Making Machine

Income Protection

Life Insurance
General Insurance

Saving Plan

Taxation Planning
Mortgage Interest

Investment Plan

Unit Trust
P2P Crowdfunding
US Stock Trading

Estate Planning


Color Accounting

Crash Course 12 hours
To learn Account Literacy
For Better FInancial 

SMEs Financing


Debt Management

Up to 5 Million 
per company


Knowing your own 
destiny & strength
with your D.O.B.

Online Course

Personal Finance
Master Class

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What People Say


To Shorten Mortgage Loan Tenure

 from 35 years to 6 years


Yes!!! Fabulous Meeting and gain much information that never think or consider before especially on Housing loan strategy that can be shorten up to 6 years instead of 35 years!! Review all the finance status to understand myself better and pre-plan. Good Job sis!! Envy your wisdom and knowledge that can contribute to anyone that need help. Keep it up!!

------ Jerald -----

Mr Lim

To Do Personal Financial Cash Flow Analysis that help him achieve his financial goal by next 3 years 


Annie was very ready to share her knowledge and also very willing to give her honest opinion. She gave no judgement but rather she applies understanding to the hardship of what I'm going through. Having the ease to talk to her lead to believe that I can trust her.

---- Mr. Lim ----


Full Insurance Policy Audit with proper Estate Distribution Planning for debt cancellation consultation


Annie's profession did help me visualize my current financial status, she provided me practical plans and solutions to escalate my financial status. I really appreciate that she put a lot of efforts in guiding me towards my financial freedom. Hence, I would suggest ANNIEWAY!

---- Garrent ----


Mortgage Refinancing Consultation


Annie has a wide knowledge of the financial industry. She knows a lot of ins and outs on multiple areas of finance such as ways to reduce mortgage loan tenure, setting up a will for protection & etc. She gives a detailed analysis of my financial status that provides value added for my case so that I'm aware of my own financial health. 
Annie also provides custom tailor-made solution according to my needs and I found those solutions are very relevant to me at this moment of time. 
So if anyone who is looking to understand further and deeper on your own financial health and wanted to know what type of investments are suitable for you at this moment, Annie by far is the suitable candidate for you!

---- William ----

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